Sunday, December 14, 2014

Balance Christmas Slot Dec 2014

NailSapphire's Appointment Slot left for Christmas is as follows:

2.00pm: C.Gel Mani x NailArt 
7.30pm: C.Gel Mani x NailArt

7.30pm: C. Gel Mani x NailArt

Please book your appointment now with a deposit of $20 that will be offset to your total bills! Whatsapp to Lenette at +65-83222988, if you need to doll up your nails for a pretty X'mas! See ya! 

We always believe in having a set of pretty nails will turns a person mood happier and when your mood is happier, you will be prettier from inside out! Be Happy and book ur appointment early.. ☺️ See ya! 


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