Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Updating new logo!

We were so free this noon... So this is what we have done, we redo a new logo and updated it on our FB page @NailSapphire and our Instagram @LuvNailSapphire.  Will try to revamp our webpage soon with this beautiful colors! The colors just makes our day! Hope it does the same to u too! 😊

Here's a screenshot on how our FB Page look like:-

Here's another screenshot on how our Instragram look like:-

We simply luv our new look! Hope u r too! One more day to long weekend! Hang in there! Just one more day!  

Don't forget to visit NailSapphire for a Mani and Pedi session to pamper yourself for your well deserved long weekend! 

With Luv, 
NailSapphire 😘

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