Monday, January 13, 2014

Baking Pineapple Tarts

What am I busying these days and lack of updates! My apologies... 

Haha I'm baking pineapples tarts for my families and friends! It's for CNY and I love baking! I know I'm abit off track but hey take a break and have a pineapples tarts! ❤️ Look at how my daughter enjoy her pineapples tarts! Yes I'm baking together with my 2 years old! Feeling so much loved with her around! 

Done the dough.. I forgot to take a pic of the pineapples paste done rolling.. 

In the oven!

Ready to be eaten! 

Her first taste of pineapples tarts

Love her curiosity!!!

And she took one more and posted to the camera. My sweetheart

I'm baking she's enjoying too! 

Happy huat huat new year to all my lovely customers! Thank you for ur continuous support staying with NailSapphire! 


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