Sunday, December 14, 2014

Balance Christmas Slot Dec 2014

NailSapphire's Appointment Slot left for Christmas is as follows:

2.00pm: C.Gel Mani x NailArt 
7.30pm: C.Gel Mani x NailArt

7.30pm: C. Gel Mani x NailArt

Please book your appointment now with a deposit of $20 that will be offset to your total bills! Whatsapp to Lenette at +65-83222988, if you need to doll up your nails for a pretty X'mas! See ya! 

We always believe in having a set of pretty nails will turns a person mood happier and when your mood is happier, you will be prettier from inside out! Be Happy and book ur appointment early.. ☺️ See ya! 


Friday, August 8, 2014

National Day 2014: $49 Promo

Hi Ladies! 

It's Singapore 49th Birthday! Come celebrate with us for a set of Manicure and Pedicure for just $49! Yes it's only $49 and you'll bring colors to your nails for a HAPPY you! When hands and toes are pretty so are you! 

Quickly! Whatsapp Lenette +65-83222988 for your appointment now! 

1) This Mani & Pedi is normal polish.
2) +$4.90 to change to gelish per service
3) Manicure comes with Shape and Buff, One Polish Color
4) Pedicure comes with cuticle works, shape and buff, One Polish Color
5) By appointment only; Please book your appt at least a week in advance.

Terms & Conditions:
1) No NailArt
2) Book before 31st Aug 2014
3) $20 Deposit to secure your appointment

Let's get your nails painted for a happy you! Get painted! See you ladies! 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hen's Party


Heheh overdue! 

Go on the move! Out we head to a Hen's party! Congrats to the bride to be! Her lovely bestie plan this just for her! A surprise manicure service at her doorstep! She's being pamper like a queen! The surprise was a success... Look at her happiness all written on her face.. It's our pleasure to do ur nails and of coz and her besties nails! Happy blissful marriage! Marriage is another chapter of life! Enjoy the whole journey..

It's a designs she love! See you ladies again soon. 

For enquires on hen's party, kindly whatsapp Lenette for more information @83222988 to ask for a quotation. All ladies need to be pampered! Life is good to be pampered once in awhile! 

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Have a happy day ahead! 😘


Monday, May 26, 2014

Journey at Audi Fashion Festival aka AFF 2014


Long overdue... Hehe..

It's a pleasure to be invited to be at this 5 days event by Sally Hansen doing express manicure and pedicure for the models with a team of 12 manicurists... It's definitely a fun and fruitful event! 

The best part is knowing the manicurists who have the same passion as me! ❤️❤️ And kudo to the models, to make them look so glamorous on stage is never an easy job! Definitely an eye opener for me. 

Here's some photos taken at the backstage! Fun and busy... 

That's all folks! I know, I know... It's overdue... Haha.. 

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Have a great day ahead! ❤️❤️


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Updating new logo!

We were so free this noon... So this is what we have done, we redo a new logo and updated it on our FB page @NailSapphire and our Instagram @LuvNailSapphire.  Will try to revamp our webpage soon with this beautiful colors! The colors just makes our day! Hope it does the same to u too! 😊

Here's a screenshot on how our FB Page look like:-

Here's another screenshot on how our Instragram look like:-

We simply luv our new look! Hope u r too! One more day to long weekend! Hang in there! Just one more day!  

Don't forget to visit NailSapphire for a Mani and Pedi session to pamper yourself for your well deserved long weekend! 

With Luv, 
NailSapphire 😘

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Skills Accomplished

You just feel great when u have accomplished something! I simply luv these handfolded ribbons so much! 

Don't you think that they are too cute not to be luv? Haha... Max in luv ok! 

NailSapphire @ $25 for Classic Gel Mani (Single Tone) Whatsapp Lenette +65 83222988 for more details! Get painted for a happy mood! When nails are pretty ur mood are got to be pretty too! And when you are happy you will be beautiful from inside out! 


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We simply luv doing NailArt for u! 

See ya Ladies! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yay! #400Followers on our Instagram

Max Happy! 😘

Giving u a new start for your Monday! ☀️

Yay! We have hit a #Followers #400likes on IG! Becoz of that we would like to THANKS all our customers and followers for the LIKES and Support you all have given us! 

For this,
A Special Promo for you!😘 

Quote "SPECIALPROMO#400" when u book your appt this week. @NailSapphire is giving U a special promo rate! Classic Gel Mani (Single Tone) @ $25! 

Yes! Only @$25 come and get ur nails painted now! Great deals! Grab it while is hot! ☺️ 300 plus bottles of colors to choose from! We luv painted nails! Gel Nails that last for more than 21 days or counting! ❤️❤️

Your may purchase the e-voucher if you are unable to do it this week as you may come anytime within the next 3 months! Yes! It is valid for 3 months! So why wait?! Everyone luv painted pretty nails! Don't you luv it too? 😘

☎️: For more details: Ring or Whatsapp Lenette @83222988 

See ya Ladies! 


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Always believe yourself! 
Have faith and confident! 
Let's get pretty together! ❤️

Sunday, March 16, 2014

This month Promo is up: 18 Mar to 18 Apr 2014

This month promo is up! Great deals for bridal nails too! Check it out by simply whatsapp Lenette @ 83222988 for an enquiries or an appointment to have a pretty set of nails for a happier you! See you ladies! Here's the promo card for details: 


Check out on the nails we have done at our:-
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Always believe yourself! 
Have faith and confident! 
Let's get pretty together! ❤️

Friday, January 17, 2014

Stiletto Nails ❤️

Max luv this set of stiletto nails created today... Simply in luv with that Barbie Pink in Mermaid Style. 😘 Thanks to my best pal for requesting this designs.. When I first saw it.. I was so excited about it! Athough it took me quite awhile to complete me, so still hereby wanna thanks her patience and her bf's patience for waiting and accompany throughout the session... The most satisfying and happy part is to see her luving her nails! 😍 

Here's some clearer pics to share with u guys.. 

Before we blings it up... Barbie Pink 

Bling it up and we completed it!

Having a set of pretty nails will always made ur days more wonderful and with lots of happiness! Prettiness starts from getting a set of pretty nails done...❤️

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Balance slots for CNY:

Whatsapp Lenette @83222988 for an appointment too. See ya! Have a good weekend ahead!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CNY available slots

Finally updated the CNY balance slots. 

Grab yours now before it's fully booked. Simply whatsapp your date and time slot to 83222988 for a set of pretty nails this Chinese New Year! Every ladies deserve to be pretty from head to toes! 

Here's the avaliable slots:

For slots near CNY, we only left with late nights for Gel Mani or Pedi, surcharge of a $28 will be added to your total bills.

Here's the slots for bookings:

Looking forward to see u ladies! Whatsapp Lenette now @83222988 for a set of pretty nails with NailSapphire! Prettiness starts from beautifying your nails. ❤️

With luv, 

Monday, January 13, 2014

T&C for this CNY period... Do read ☺️

Dear lovely ladies, 

The T&C is up on NailSapphire FB page and Instagram... 

As many of u have already know there's no surcharge for this festive seasons @NailSapphire

Packages can't be used during this period too. 

Only a deposit of $20 will be collected to secure your slots; once confirmed no cancelation nor change of appointment is allow for this period. We seek your kind understanding on this.

Do be punctual for your appointment. 

Please come with clean nails.

Lastly, let's get your nails pretty for this festive with NailSapphire!

We are so looking forward! Hope you are too! 

We always believe in having a pretty set of nails done mood will naturally turns happily.. And when mood turns happier a person will be beautiful from inside out! Trust it! 

We do have limited slots left will update to FB soon! Stay tune and grab a slot too! 

See ya! 

With luv, 
NailSapphire ❤️

Baking Pineapple Tarts

What am I busying these days and lack of updates! My apologies... 

Haha I'm baking pineapples tarts for my families and friends! It's for CNY and I love baking! I know I'm abit off track but hey take a break and have a pineapples tarts! ❤️ Look at how my daughter enjoy her pineapples tarts! Yes I'm baking together with my 2 years old! Feeling so much loved with her around! 

Done the dough.. I forgot to take a pic of the pineapples paste done rolling.. 

In the oven!

Ready to be eaten! 

Her first taste of pineapples tarts

Love her curiosity!!!

And she took one more and posted to the camera. My sweetheart

I'm baking she's enjoying too! 

Happy huat huat new year to all my lovely customers! Thank you for ur continuous support staying with NailSapphire!