Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We had a FUN day @ Xinmin Secondary School

Time flies.... OMG! We have not been updating our web for a month already!

What have we been busying?!

Here's what happen on 31st July 2013.

We were so honor to be invited to Xinmin Secondary School to provide Express Manicure and Pedicure session for the noble teachers to pamper themselves out of their busy schedule.  Teachers are really busy beside teaching, preparing their students for exams and they need to mark lots of papers too, so to fully utilized their *free time @ the teacher's resting lounge, I do their hands and feet while they mark their papers!  Time saved and they got to pamper themselves too! One stone kill two birds.  LOL.

Thanks to the organizer for giving us such an opportunity for their teacher's welfare! We had fun and great experience gained!

Here's some pictures we took during the event!

Setting up the work space and getting ready at the teacher's lounge...

NailSapphire | Homebased Nail Salon | @ an event for Teachers | Setting up

 Let's get to work... In the process...

NailSapphire | Homebased Nail Salon | @ an event for Teachers | In process

The finished products! Simple designs but the Teachers love it!

NailSapphire | Homebased Nail Salon | @ an event for Teachers | The Finished Mani & Pedi

Too bad we didn't had a chance to take a group photo but it's a happy and worthwhile trip for NailSapphire!

Way to go Teachers! Hope you had enjoyed the session like we do! :)  See you again!

*Happy Teacher's Day on 1 Sept 2013*


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