Saturday, June 8, 2013

Its an exciting week!

This week is exciting! First was a set of Neon Pink top with Crystals, then another creation on black curvy glitters with crystals in oval nail shape, then my favourite owl & birdy sets created, then a simple glitter french tip requested by customer for simplicity!  Lastly a bridal set in Pink Glitter French & Flowers for a bride to be tomorrow!

NailSapphire | Neon Pink is Luv
NailSapphire | Black Curvy is Luv on Ovaly Nail Shape
NailSapphire | Owl & Birdy is Luv

NailSapphire | Simple Glitter Set is Luv
NailSapphire | Bridal Nails on Brittle Nails
Hope our photos didn't bored you! Haha... Our promo price on Gel Manicure is still on.  Do check out our Promotion corner and book your appointment early to avoid any disappointment!  See ya soon!


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