Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pedicure by NailSapphire

Yes... We do Pedicure too! 
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Look at the Pretty colours with Mustaches + Ribbons... 
This set is so cute & pretty! Satisfaction max!
NailSapphire | Gel Pedicure | Homebased Nail Salon | Click to view Service Menu | Click for Larger View

This is a set for a bride to be photoshoot! Love the flowers! 
Done a extension on the big toe! Let's see how long it will lasts!
NailSapphire | Gel Pedicure | Extension | Homebased Nail Salon | Click for Larger View

Simple and Pretty in purple! Don't you think so?
NailSapphire | Gel Pedicure | Homebased Nail Salon | Click for Larger View

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See ya!

With Luv,

Great Deal, Good News!

It's a brand new week ahead! Hopefully all of you have had a well spent weekend! To clear your Monday blues! Here's are some creations to share!

Although some of the designs were not originated by NailSapphire but we believe practice made perfect and soon NailSapphire would have its own designs coming up! These were all done wholeheartedly by NailSapphire, not originated but would still like to credit back to the owner who have created these awesome designs. *Thank You*

Hard work did payoff when you get to see customers luv and were happy with their nails! Thanks to all NailSapphire's customers who have given a chance to NailSapphire to do their nails. Looking forward to see all of you again as we always believe in having a set of pretty nails; mood will naturally turns happier!

Don't wait already, Get a Pretty Nails for a Happy Mood! Quickly book your appointment now to enjoy this special price @ only $38 from our opening promo!

Appointment for July is full but don't worry view below for the Good News!

Fully hand drew, Pretty in Tiffany Blue!
NailSapphire | Homebased NailSalon | Fully Hand Drew Nails | Click for Larger View

 The Bridal Set! Hearts & Ribbons are always pretty!
NailSapphire | Homebased NailSalon | Bridal Nails | Extension | Click for Larger View

The Chanel Inspired Set! Pretty in Purple!
NailSapphire | Homebased NailSalon | Chanel Inspired Nails | Click for Larger View

So happy to have created this LittleTwinStars set! Cute to the max!
NailSapphire | Homebased NailSalon | LittleTwinStars Set | Click for Larger View

Good News, Great Deal still on!! 

If you book your appointment before 27 July 2013, you will still be entitled for the $38 offer to get your nails done in the period of August 2013.  

You still have a month to book your appointment.
Hurry, book now to avoid any disappointment!
Whatsapp Lenette @ 83222988 for an appointment in August now!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

NailSapphire is still alive...

Past week have been a real busy week thus the lack of updates!  No worries, NailSapphire is still alive... Hahaa... Will try to update NailSapphire Diary at least once a week!

NailSapphire Classic GEL Manicure @ $38 ONLY is still ongoing!
Book your appointment early to avoid any disappointment! 

Contact Lenette @ 83222988.  Hope to see you soon!

Here's our creations to share...

A classy simple hearty black with crystals and marbleize set which customer is so in luv with!
NailSapphire | Classic GEL Manicure | Promo now till 27 July 2013 | Click for Larger View

Look at this cutie Rainbow Set full of ribbons & hearts!  It's created for my lovely cousin's birthday! 
NailSapphire | Classic GEL Manicure | Promo now till 27 July 2013 | Click for Larger View

This set is created to match customer's floral prints dress for a wedding dinner!
She picks to have 3D flowers on her thumbs and she loves it!
NailSapphire | Classic GEL Manicure | Promo now till 27 July 2013 | Click for Larger View

A very Unique Bridal Set!  A mixture of everything from 3D Ribbons, 3D Flowers, Glitters, Crystals, Beads!
I myself is also so in luv with this set too!  Pretty in GOLD!

NailSapphire | Bridal Corner | Click for Larger View
NailSapphire | Bridal Corner | Click for Larger View

Lastly! 8 kitties sets with hearts! Look at the kitty's ribbons, all in different colors!
A colourful creations!

NailSapphire | Service Menu | Extension | Click for Larger View

NailSapphire had a fruitful week! How about you?!  No idea what to do on a Saturday?  
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Enjoy your week ahead! Shall update soon!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Our promotion is still on...

Our opening special promotion is still ongoing!  It's really a great deal from now till 27 July 2013.  Make your appointment now to avoid any disappointment.  You may Whatsapp/SMS Lenette @ 8322 2988 for an appointment/enquiries.  Click on Nail Sapphire Opening Special for more details!

How about a *Turquoise with Blings?  Customer luv this color and the glitters! We uses Swarovski Crystals not any other normal rhinestones.

NailSapphire | Homebased Nail Salon | Punggol Field | Turquoise Glitter Set

It's only $38 now, why wait?
Book your appointment now!

See ya soon!

With Luv,

For Hello Kitty Fan aka The Little Frog Prince

Are you in luv with the Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Series that McDonald is having now?  

WE ARE! <3

That is why it has inspired us to create a 3D version of the series on Nail!  Not totally a Hello Kitty fan but we are in luv with this Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Series.  =P

This week is the Little Frog Prince which has now been OOS island wide in McDonald.  
Luckily we got it during midnight when we were out for supper! 
Thanks to our hungriness which happens on the right time!

So, today's STAR is #Hello Kitty 
#The Little Frog Prince in 3D version on Nail.
NailSapphire | Homebased Nail Salon | The Little Frog Prince | Click for Larger View

Hope you guys likes our 3D version "the Little Frog Prince"!
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We have posted a picture in facebook as well!

Stay tune for next week creation!

Have a GREAT weekend ahead!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Its an exciting week!

This week is exciting! First was a set of Neon Pink top with Crystals, then another creation on black curvy glitters with crystals in oval nail shape, then my favourite owl & birdy sets created, then a simple glitter french tip requested by customer for simplicity!  Lastly a bridal set in Pink Glitter French & Flowers for a bride to be tomorrow!

NailSapphire | Neon Pink is Luv
NailSapphire | Black Curvy is Luv on Ovaly Nail Shape
NailSapphire | Owl & Birdy is Luv

NailSapphire | Simple Glitter Set is Luv
NailSapphire | Bridal Nails on Brittle Nails
Hope our photos didn't bored you! Haha... Our promo price on Gel Manicure is still on.  Do check out our Promotion corner and book your appointment early to avoid any disappointment!  See ya soon!


Monday, June 3, 2013

It's TRUE!

Want a set of pretty nails of your own preferred designs but in doubts?
No worries! The opening promo @ NailSapphire is TRUE from now till 27 July 2013.

We only charged $38 for the below designs "Black Curvy with 3D Ribbon".  No hidden costs!

This customer also tried our classic pedicure "Traditional French"

Best of all ~ She loves her nails and helped us Liked & Shared our FB page.  Thank You Her! ^_<

So what are your waiting for?  Book your appointment now to avoid any disappointment.  

See you soon!