Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There's always a first time in everything you do!

Here's my first time creating such long nails... Am pleased and satisfied with the results although, there is still room for improvement.  

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Monday, May 27, 2013

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Graduation!

Receiving my certs from Jess & Yoko | Credti to J&Y Nails Studio

After the looong looong wait, FINALLY I have received my 5 certs on 30 Mar 2013!  After so many many years, I finally fulfilled my dreams!  Not an easy journey but a fruitful and happy one especially when i received my certs with all my other classmates although we didn't know each other for long but we had got the same dreams come true! :)

This is a never ending journey. 
Let's all jia you and work hard together. :)


So this is it... My full course Nails Technology Certs! YAY!

P/S: The below photos are extracted from my school; J&Y Nail Studio! Thanks Jess & Yoko for providing these nice photos for us!

Happy Graduating all!

The Feast!

I wanted to says "Cheers" too but I have no voice so I laugh till like that! *Ugly*

Cake for us! Wordings: Happy Graduation! Thanks to Jess for being so thoughtful!

That's the end of our Graduations!

Now NailSapphire; Every bit of Nails is my Passion of Creations can finally launch!
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NailSapphire | Hombased Nail Salon | Punggol

Looking forward in serving everyone of you during non office hours! See ya!

With Luv
Signing off!~

NailSapphire Service Menu is Up!

Finally our Sapphire Service Menu Up!  Click on Sapphire Service Menu to view. 

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